Additional Agreement Clauses

In addition, one or more of the following clauses may be included in the employment contract: an individual employment contract (example) as well as standard confidentiality, professional secrecy and non-competition clauses (e.g. To save time, you can mail the new employee two signed copies of the employment contract (one of them must be returned with the employee`s signature). In this case, you must provide confirmation of the employment letter (example) with some instructions. At the end of the selection process, when all selection/recruitment interviews (guidelines) have been conducted and the final recruitment decision has been made, an employment contract is concluded. This agreement is binding on both parties and necessarily implies that an employment contract consists of an agreement between two parties who have summoned one of them to provide work for remuneration to the other. This working relationship includes a number of rights and obligations for each party. These include, for example, the obligation for workers to perform the expected work and their right to paid leave, or the obligation for the employer to pay the expected wages and social security contributions and to reimburse professional expenses. We strongly advise all applicants to resign from their current profession only when they have a signed copy of their new employment contract, whether they are involved in a hiring process or an internal mobility program. The employment contract is based on the following elements: The corresponding amendments have been made to this contract in order to implement the alternative clauses covered in paragraph 2.1 and/or the additional clauses covered in paragraph 2.2. Add alternative or additional clauses in Call Plan 14 (alternatives and/or additional clauses). We also invite you to refer to our section on labour law, which deals with some practical issues relating to the management of the working relationship in Switzerland.

The rights and obligations created by this letter are deemed to be mergers with this treaty. Article VI – Additional clauses (additional calendar clauses may be added, for example. (b) implementation of general provisions or additional clauses.) 12. In Swiss law, the essential provisions of the employment relationship are in the law of obligations (art.