Journal Contributor`s Publishing Agreement

11. What is the declaration of conflicting interests? A conflict of interest declaration directive refers to a formal directive that a newspaper may have to require from an author who files or publishes to require a declaration of conflict of interest or disclosure of conflicts of interest. 10. Why do I have to compensate the Journal and SAGE? It is standard for all SAGE contributors to make certain guarantees for the Journal and the SAGE edition. This is simply because, as the author of the article, you are the only person who can assure us of the information mentioned in the guarantees, including that the article we publish is your own work and does not violate the rights of others. We have ensured that guarantees are limited to statements that are reasonably under your control as an author. 8. What if I am a government employee?a) If you are a British, Canadian, Australian or British employee of the Commonwealth government, you only have to check the normal “Work for Jobs” or “Other Government Work (not the U.S.),” as this is your agreement, and your superiors have signed the De Contributor agreement. b) If you are a U.S. federal employee, please contact your superior, but your work is probably in the public domain, so not copyrighted and therefore cannot be transferred. Please activate the corresponding box on the form. 4.

Guarantees and compensations4.1 You guarantee to the publisher that:4.1.1 the article is original for you, with the exception of excerpts from other works that may be registered with the written permission of the copyright holder;4.1.2The article will not be published anywhere else and will not be published in any other form (except under the terms of an open access license that you have granted to the institution , at the end or to the staff. 4.1.3 There is nothing illegal or caysable in the article and does not in any way constitute a breach of trust or a duty of confidentiality. , and that all statements in the article that are presented as facts are accurate at the time of publication and that any recipe, form or instruction of the article, if followed to the letter, will not cause injury, illness or injury to the user; 4.1.6The article complies with the publisher`s publication guidelines (if it exists and can be changed from time to time). A copy of the current guidelines (if any) will be made available to you upon request; and4.1.7 Publishers undertake to compensate the publisher for any claim, loss, damage or cost, including legal costs duly incurred by publishers as a result of a breach of the guarantees covered in this paragraph 5 or arising from a claim that constitutes the article in violation of these guarantees.5