Mercedes Agility Pcp Agreement

At the end of your agreement, you have three options. Customers who have entered into a Personal Contract Plan will have one of three options at the end of the agreement: (Please note that your direct debit system is normal until the end of your agreement). Scroll down What happens next? to show your next steps. If you are able to place a larger deposit, then your monthly payments will be reduced, however, the flexibility in agility is that you can formulate the best option for your circumstances. You can finance your new or used Mercedes-Benz to get a lower monthly repayment with a higher down payment and, conversely, pay a lower down payment with a higher monthly payment. Your Agility financing contract gives you the option to exchange your current vehicle for a brand new Mercedes. We will contact you towards the end of your agreement to guide you through the end of the contract process. Simply return your vehicle at the end of your contract without making any other payments, except for any changes related to supernumerary kilometres, damage or historical services. The optional purchase payment is due on the last day of your contract, by paying these fees and all activation fees, you will own the car directly.

Please read our Vehicle Return Standards tool to avoid the avoidable costs you may face. They may also be held liable for excessive mileage charges; You will find the calculations in your contract, other fees may also be charged for the lack of service history or missing keys. As part of your Agility financing agreement, you have three options at the end of your contract. Here you will find information on your single optional payment and the possession of your Mercecdes-Benz. At the end of the term of a Mercedes-Benz Agility Financing DEF contract, you have one of three options: for payments based solely on a portion of the vehicle`s value, this means that monthly repayments are generally less than those of the purchase through Hire Purchase (HP) – although knowing that at the end of the agreement, measures are required with respect to the optional purchase payment. Monthly repayments are based on the amount of the deposit, the duration of the contract agreement and the annual mileage set at the beginning of the agility contract, even if a guaranteed minimum value for future value (GMFV) or optional purchase payment is established. This means that you are immune to market fluctuations and can be sure, from the outset, how much you will have to pay to own the vehicle at any given time. The other great advantage of Mercedes-Benz Agility is that the ownership decision can be deferred until the end of the agreement, so you have the flexibility to adapt to your circumstances or requirements of the time. Factors such as the vehicle and its specifications, the length of the agreement and the annual mileage are also taken into account in the calculation. If you return your vehicle at the end of your agreement, it must be road. If it could not be loaded you, make sure it has: You are nearing the end of your agility (staff contract plan).

There are a number of options that you are approaching at the end of your financial agreement, and your trader will contact you for details. All Mercedes-Benz and smart showrooms are open.