Tenancy Agreement Your Rights

If your home has an energy efficiency assessment F or G, your landlord should upgrade it on E or better. You cannot continue to rent the property with an F or G energy assessment. Your landlord must provide you with a copy of an electrical safety report within 28 days of the check. If safety issues occur in the report, your landlord must have them repaired within 28 days of the safety investigation. You should check the report for anything that needs to be corrected over 28 days. If you don`t know the energy efficiency of your home, ask your homeowner or agent for energy certification (EPC). You must give yourself a CBE if you ask for one. Your landlord can dislodge you if you don`t pay your rent on time. If you have a lease, it should be fair and comply with the law. Repairing common areas of the building such as entrance halls, stairs and elevators – this is not the case if your rent started before the January 15, 1989 threshold, provides helpful advice on what to keep in mind before paying a deposit, including information on how to avoid rental fraud. Your landlord must provide you with an inventory of the contents of the property. You should keep the status of all record listed, if possible take pictures and do so in writing with your owner. You have a number of basic rights if you move into a dwelling, regardless of the contract or lease agreements you have with your landlord.

The Valuation Office Agency is a public organization that appreciates real estate. If you or your landlord applies to the assessment agency, you decide whether your rent should be increased or reduced to make a fair rent. They decide what a fair rent on things like where the property is and when it was built. Your rental agreement can only include a fee for certain things if you have a problem with your landlord or home, your rights and your landlord`s obligations depend on the type of rental agreement you have. You have specific rights and obligations if you are a tenant in privately leased real estate. If you don`t have a fixed term or if it`s over, your landlord can increase your rent if they inform you. You must use a form called Section 13 – Form 4 on GOV.UK. All access to your home must be requested by an official notice no less than 24 hours before entry.

You are free to allow or deny access at your convenience. A rental agreement is a contract between you and an owner. Your landlord has the right to take legal action to dislodge you if you do not assume your responsibilities. You can verify that your electrician is registered with Registered Competent Person Electrical.