Ubc Confidentiality Agreement

1. endorsement. Use this agreement where: With the signing of the letter UBC Hiring Solutions job offer, I confirm that I have read and understood this confidentiality agreement and agrees to keep it. You will find information on the conclusion of the endorsement in the standard agreement. I recognize that in the event of a violation of the company`s violation and the UBC agreement, UBC is entitled to seek an injunction and an injunction from a competent court to prohibit the disclosure of such information by me in order to protect its rights and property, as noted above. Thank you for providing the details of the mutual confidentiality agreement. The head of the academic or administrative department responsible for supervising the contractor or accessing the information must ensure that the SACA is concluded and signed by the contractor and keeps a copy of it. It is not necessary for a UBC representative to sign the SACA. Before accessing personal or confidential/sensitive information from UBC, anyone who is not employed by UBC must declare himself ready to protect all information he may have access to and to comply with B.C data protection laws. To do so, they must sign a Security and Confidentiality Agreement (SACA) or any other agreement with equivalent requirements. Examples of use of the stand-alone contract are (but are not limited to): If you do not receive an email within the hour, please contact us directly.

b) all current and potential customers and related information; You should receive an email shortly containing a signed pdf attachment, based on your responses. (c) price and sales policy, techniques and concepts; The following forms and templates are available for download. A SACA is only required if the person has access to personal or otherwise confidential/sensitive information. This PDF file requires the signature of your partner institution. . I agree that at the end of my mission, I will return to UBC all the drawings, plans, recordings, software and data as well as other media that I have taken possession of during my tenure.