Uncw Housing Agreement

I only found out during the first week of August, just before we got back to school, that they had a room for me. I contacted the UNCW apartments, told them that I was on a waiting list for an apartment and that I had just found out I had a room, but they said I was responsible for complying with my on-campus housing contract. The only other way out of the housing contract is to find someone who takes your place. In the end, I had a time when I was trying to find someone to take my room, and I thought I had to pay for accommodation on campus and outside the year. In my opinion, the online housing contract is also part of the problem. If you have an online contract, it may be tempting to just check and continue the box. I am trying to emphasize to people that it is very important to read all the contracts very carefully, not just the UNCW housing contract. Before you know it, you might end up in a mess from which you can`t get out, and imagine that they have to pay for two sets of housing orders at the same time. For any other errors or assistance in your application, call 910-962-3241 or e-mail housing@uncw.edu To be eligible for on-campus accommodation, students must enter into a housing contract and pay a non-refundable accommodation fee of $105. Please note that housing contracts are only accepted as a space permit; To successfully secure accommodation for the 2021-22 academic year, please enter into a housing contract as soon as the application opens. It`s Teal`s mask Tuesday in Hawks` nest today! Thank you to everyone who keeps our fabulous living spaces safe! #lovewhereyoulive #uncwhrl #lovethedub #uncw #uncwilmington Happy Teal Mask Tuesday Seahawks! Stay safe if we close this fall semester! #tealtuesday #uncw #lovewhereyoulive #uncwilmington #uncwhrl Check the important data click here to determine your date and time of request for accommodation. Be prepared to provide your personal data, including emergency contacts. HOW: Students applying for accommodation for 20-21 receive an email to their UNCW email address with instructions to view their entry time via their MySeaport Happy Mask Spotter Monday Seahawks! We only have a few masks that look the rest of the Monday of this semester, so be sure to wear them while you`re on campus! #lovewhereyoulive #uncwhrl #uncw #uncwilmington #lovethedub I had a hard time getting accommodation for the 2012/2013 school year, because I was in trouble with the apartment deposit.

It was partly my fault, due to inexperience with contracts, but I would also face a lack of knowledge about housing and how deposits work. I signed up to pick up my room in the university suites because I wanted accommodation and I was on a waiting list for an apartment off campus. For the apartment, the rental office was not able to indicate with certainty whether a room would be available or not; It depended on how the waiting list went. 1. If you are a newcomer or transfer student, make sure your registration deposit is paid at least 3-5 days before applying for campus accommodation.2. Read the agreement and campus Living Manuel.3. Do NOT enter the uncw.edu entry in the E-MAIL IDENTIFIANT – enter only the first part of the email (i.e. abc1234).4.

Make sure all confirmation fields are disabled.5 Click before clicking on NEXT.6. If you are 17 years old – Make sure that your co-signature is a valid email and that you have informed that person to expect an email. You must respond in order for your application to be closed.7. Turn off your pop-up blockers.8 Doesn`t work on Chromebook in Chrome or Apple`s Safari app because of privacy/security settings – use Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. (Or Chrome, but NOT on a Chromebook) 9. If you have a problem, change your browser and restart.10 If payment is not made, try another credit/debit card.11 Always click the SUBMIT button before you leave the page. If you don`t click SUBMIT, the app won`t be finished! Congratulations to all our 2020 graduates! Housing