Audience Measurement Agreement

The agreement gives News Break access to Comscore`s signature-based multimedia rating solutions, including Media Metrix Multi-Platform, Media Metrix Desktop, Mobile Metrix and Plan Metrix Multi-Platform. As News Break continues its mission to help a new generation of readers discover important news and information from the region, this partnership will help promote a better understanding of public behaviour and media consumption on desktop and mobile devices, enabling more relevant advertising opportunities. Comscore Validated Campaign Essentials™ (VCE®) is a holistic advertising measurement solution that provides real-time insights to improve the performance of advertising campaigns. VCE verifies the provision and visualization of target groups for displaying and displaying video on desktop and mobile devices. “Nextdoor has an inspiring mission to connect neighbors and help create thriving communities, and these themes are particularly relevant as we navigate the current COVID-19 pandemic together,” said Carol Hinnant, Chief Revenue Officer of Comscore. “We are pleased to help the Nextdoor team achieve its goals with granular and achievable insights.” “At a time when consumers are demanding more local news, we are pleased to be working with News Break as a digital audience measurement service,” said Carol Hinnant, Chief Revenue Officer of Comscore. “Our granular knowledge will help to better understand target groups, stimulate business growth and enable them to continue their mission, keep people in touch with their local communities.” Quantcast Measure is a free digital audience measurement service that lets you highlight websites, videos, ads, apps, content and paid search campaigns (what we call “reach points”) for direct measurement. In 2020, there have been significant changes in public behaviour in video games and esports, including a growing openness to advertising and product placement. Comscores”State of Gaming report revealed that 48 percent of all players would see more chances to display rewarded ingames ads in one day. Quantcast uses each piece of measurement data both to understand your target audience (to your sole advantage) and as one of a trillion data points for predictive analytics and to determine which content and advertisements display individuals on the Internet and other digital applications.

You acknowledge that Quantcast may use the personal data it receives from you to provide services to other Quantcast customers or quantcast`s business interests, which may not be related to the provision of Services for you. Comscore Validated Campaign Essentials™ (VCE®) is a validation solution for ads and target groups that helps improve the performance of digital advertising campaigns. RESTON, Va., September 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Comscore (Nasdaq: SCOR), a trusted partner for media planning, implementation and evaluation, today announced an agreement to provide Nextdoor with the proximity center for trusted connections and the exchange of useful information, goods and services, with the digital measurement of comscores. The multi-year agreement includes access to Media Metrix® Multi-Platform and the multi-platform Metrix ® plan, which combines desktop and mobile consumer behavior with expanded targeted information to promote relevant advertising opportunities.