Sales Representative Agreement Template

Rep will do its best to promote products and maximize the sale of products in the territory. Rep will also provide the company with appropriate support for promotional activities in the territory, such as fairs, product presentations, sales interviews and other company activities regarding products. Rep will also provide adequate “after-sale” support to product buyers and will generally carry out sales-related activities that are reasonable to promote the company`s products and value in the territory where the business is located. Rep reports weekly to the company on the sale of products and competitive display prices. Rep will devote sufficient time and effort to fulfill its obligations. Rep is not allowed to promote products outside the country, nor to request sales from buyers outside the territory without the company`s prior approval. Commission charge-back. The company has the absolute right to make concessions, to make such compensation and adjustments in order to accept such customer returns and to depreciate outstanding receivables as rotten claims, as they deem desirable. In this case, the entity will refund from Rep`s account any amount previously paid or credited for these non-performing bonuses, allowances, adjustments, returns or liabilities. However, the company agrees that the amount of an account granted to a customer and billed to a Customer must not exceed the sale price. Payment to Rep after receiving payments from the customer and for the agreed percentage eliminates most of these disputes that the parties recognize here. In the event of termination by one of the parties in accordance with one of the provisions of this agreement, neither party is liable to the other party because of the termination of compensation, reimbursement or injury resulting from the loss of expected profits or sales or expenses, investments, leases or commitments related to the business or value of the company or company alone for unpaid commissions.

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