Settlement Agreement For Workers Compensation

The workers` compensation system provides a method to compensate victims of injuries during their work. Each state must set up a system of workers` compensation and has a wide margin of appreciation to define the specific rules and procedures it will apply. Although the workers` compensation system in each state is applied in the same way as the justice system, each system operates independently of each other. The workers` compensation system requires victims who receive benefits to waive their right to sue their employer for their injuries. Although justice and workers` compensation systems are independent, there are a few cases where a party to a compensation proceeding can challenge a decision in court. To do so, however, the party must first exhaust all the remedies available to it under the workers` compensation system. Our firm includes two lawyers certified by the Board of Directors for Workers` Compensation in North Carolina, who have an excellent track record in representing client interests. We help you appreciate the value of your case and give you an honest and accurate assessment of billing offers. After a serious injury during employment, many injured workers do not know how long it will take them to recover. In some cases, illnesses aggravated or caused by work-related activities have a life-long effect on an employee. Workers` compensation is available to help injured workers through their income and medical services.

If your application is accepted and the insurance is paid for processing and a-work time, it can be difficult to assess while you are still recovering. It is recommended that most injured workers wait for their condition to stabilize and they are unlikely to receive more medical attention. At this point, the severity of your injury and its impact on your ability to work will be better known. After the right to compensation is filed, the injured worker usually undergoes a medical examination to determine the extent of his injuries. Each state uses a classification system to determine the type of benefits the person receives and how long they will receive them. One of the factors the doctor will assess is whether the lesion is partial, complete, temporary or permanent. While an agreement may seem lucrative to an injured employee, it is always advantageous to have a lawyer who must verify the application and ensure that a transaction offer is fair, given the injuries sustained.