Ed Agreement Naviance

Early Decision (ED) is a binding agreement by which the student notifies the university that once accepted, he will attend this school. It`s a good choice when they know that school is the first choice. However, students can only apply to one school with this procedure. Since this is a binding agreement, the institution needs signatures from the student, the family and a school counselor. No no. You must specify your preferred choice, the second choice is optional. You may not qualify for your first choice, but you may still be considered for your higher education institutions/second choice plan if the space remains. If you only want to be considered for a college/plan, you should choose it as your first choice and not fill in the second choice box. Answers to these questions should also be maintained at 250 words or less. Email orange@syr.edu and be sure to include your full name, date of birth, and SUID number (if they have it). Indicate which program(s) you originally applied to and what your new programs are. The Applicant Support Center is a great resource with FAQs, video tutorials, and access to technical support. Transfer applicants can refer to the Transfer Applicant Help Center.

You can send your RESUME or additional activities to orange@syr.edu`s accreditation office and an accreditation officer will add it to your application. The registration fee is 85 $US. There are a few ways to get a fee reduction: it doesn`t matter. .