Software License Agreement Ibm

The objective of the program`s services is to perform the functions necessary to provide the licensee (a) problem-solving assistance, including remote and on-site assistance, (b) technical know-how in the use of standard software and solutions. Please note the “Beyond the Scope” section at the end of this contract. Assimil8 Limited is in no way responsible for any defects resulting from the changes made to the software by the licensee. You agree to use all licenses in accordance with the terms of the licence and to exempt Assimil8 Limited from any third-party claim if this is not the case. This limit applies not only to the activities of Assimil8 Limited, but also to the activities of its suppliers and consultants. It is the maximum or the Assimil8 Limited, as well as its suppliers and consultants who are collectively responsible. The taker may only transfer the program and all the licensee`s rights and obligations within the licensee`s company if the company`s subsidiary accepts the terms of this agreement. If, for any reason, the licence is terminated by one of the parties, the licensee is prohibited from transferring the program within the licensee`s company. The licensee cannot transfer part of 1) to the program or 2) of the authorized use of the program.

When the licensee transfers the program, the licensee must also transfer a printed copy of the agreement, including li and PoE. Immediately after the transfer, the licensee`s license ends. The taker cannot delegate a program and all the rights and licensing obligations of the taker outside the company. Any attempt to do so without consent is not valid. “Authorized use” – the specified level at which the licensee has the right to run or run the program. This level can be measured by the number of users, millions of service units (MSUs), processor units (“PVUs”) or another level of usage specified by IBM. IBM” – International Business Machines Corporation or one of its subsidiaries. Licensing Information ” (“LI”) – a document that provides additional program-specific information and conditions.