Aircraft Management Agreement Sample

Once the management company has been selected, it will make available its standard management contract (“MA”). In general, the MA will specify how the aircraft and records are to be kept, when the owner must approve maintenance, fees for services, insurance requirements, and whether the owner chooses to allow the management company to charter the aircraft. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work with a number of large asset management companies that have invested time and money in creating good MAs. However, from time to time, I am asked to check out a master`s degree for a company I have never worked with before, and I am sometimes shocked by what I find. Here`s a list of some of the most important points you should focus on when reviewing the MA: The best advice I can give is that if the MA you receive is terribly one-sided, has outrageous terms, or doesn`t match the proposal you received, switch to another management company. There are excellent management companies, and if the MA sent to you is not a fair agreement documenting the terms already agreed, it should immediately be a red flag on how the management company operates. Most aircraft owners who own an aircraft choose to hire a management company to manage the day-to-day operations and maintenance of their aircraft. This allows the aircraft owner to focus on what they are doing well and hire someone else to handle something complex and highly regulated. Aircraft owners expect the management company to know how to maintain an aircraft so that the reliability of marine transportation is good, safety is not compromised, and the cost is reasonable. The answer is yes.

Two are currently available for download. One is a contract to buy/sell aircraft models and the other is a model liability waiver for air travel. You can find them on the Examples of Legal Documents page on our PPS website. Keep in mind that sample legal documents are provided as a general guide for you and your lawyer to prepare a customized document that exactly meets your needs. Copying a sample form and filling out the blanks can lead to serious legal problems, so it`s important to work with a lawyer who understands the law and your needs. Our staff is ready to provide you with the names of the lawyers on the local panel who can help you. In the near future, we plan to add templates for a dry lease and operating agreement to the Sample Legal Documents website. I will let you know when they are available. While the above sample templates are provided by the Legal Services Plan, our designated counsel may have their own sample documents.

Wisconsin-based AOPA panel counsel Dale Egan wrote a light article titled Legal Documents Don`t Have to Be Painful: Simplifying Aviation-Related Agreements in March 2019. In his article, Egan strongly advocates a more modern form of legal documents, offering examples of the models listed above in his “plain language” style, which you can download directly from his article. As always, if you have any questions, you can contact our legal or medical staff by contacting our office Monday to Friday from 8:30 am.m to 6:00 pm.m (East). Our number is 1-800-872-2672. Tap option #3 for the medical certificate or #4 for the Legal Services Plan. . This Aircraft Management Agreement (this “Administrative Agreement”) is dated October 16, 2009 between LW Air I LLC, a Delaware limited liability company that is the trustee under this special trust agreement dated October 19, 2009 between the Owner and Wells Fargo Bank Northwest, National Association (“Owner”) and Avantair, Inc., a Delaware Corporation (“Manager”). . This Aircraft Management Agreement (this “Agreement”) is effective on May 22, 2003 between 7700 PROPERTIES, L.L.C., a limited liability company in Oklahoma (“Owner”), and UNITED STATES AVIATION CO., an Oklahoma corporation (“Manager”). The Aircraft Management Agreement (the “Agreement”) was entered into and entered into on October 1, 2002 by and between FL Aviation Corp. (FL), a corporation incorporated under the laws of the State of Delaware and headquartered at 9 Airport Road, Morristown Municipal Airport, Morristown, New Jersey 07960 and Citadel Broadcasting Corporation (Citadel), headquartered at 7201 West Lake Mead Boulevard.

Suite 400, Las Vegas, NV 89128 THIS AMENDED AND AMENDED AIRCRAFT MANAGEMENT AGREEMENT (the “Agreement”) will be signed on September 30, 2008 by and between DUNCAN AVIATION, INC. (“Duncan”), National Education Loan Network, Inc. as the successor in title to Nelnet Corporate Services, Inc. closed and closed. (“Nelnet”) and Union Financial Services, Inc. (“UFS”) (Nelnet and UFS are sometimes referred to individually herein as the “Co-Owners” and collectively as the “Co-Owners”) and refer to: THIS MODIFIED AND REFORMULATED AIRCRAFT MANAGEMENT AGREEMENT (the “Agreement”) will be entered into and entered into by and between KRAFT FOODS GLOBAL as of December 16, 2005 (the “Effective Date”), by and between KRAFT FOODS GLOBAL, INC., a Delaware corporation headquartered at Three Lakes Drive, Northfield, IL 60093 (“Kraft”), and ALTRIA CORPORATE SERVICES, INC., a New York corporation headquartered at 120 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017 (“Manager”). .