What Is A Mobility Agreement Air Force

This will allow you to clearly determine that your job is being moved to another location. Should most employees be afraid that their jobs will be relocated? No. Unless there is a large program like BRAC, the number of employees forced to move each year is very low. It`s not trivial for people whose jobs are affected, but most employees are never asked to take a geographic measurement they don`t want. The Commission concluded by noting that if it accepted Gallegos` application, it would exercise the discretion of the agency`s management to determine the requirements and conditions for positions in its workforce, and that the agency`s policy establishes legitimate management reasons for the requirement of mobility – organizational effectiveness and career development of employees. The complainant, Gallegos, was a GS-13 criminal investigator. As a condition of her employment, Gallegos had to issue a mobility agreement in which she acknowledged that any non-acceptance of a geographical transfer could make her dependent on separation from the federal service. In 2012, the gallegos agency informed of an impeded transfer from Florida to Virginia. She refused the transfer and the agency dismissed her on charges of “non-compliance with a condition of employment.” Workers considering positions subject to mobility agreements should be aware that any failure to accept geographical redistribution may result in distance without recourse. The allegation of non-compliance with a condition of employment contains two elements that the Agency had to prove: (1) The requirement at issue is a condition of employment; and 2. the complainant did not meet this condition. In the absence of evidence of bad faith or patent injustice, the Board must comply with the agency`s requirements, which must be met in order for a person to be eligible or retain an appointment to a particular position. The Council noted that the mobility requirement was a condition of employment as all these elements were subject to the mobility requirement and Gallegos regularly signed mobility agreements with its colleagues.

Gallegos did not deny that it refused to meet the mobility requirement. .